Our Story

Hello from our family to yours! We’re Tina and Sami. After dedicating 18 years to electrical contracting, we launched 90 Degree Lighting with a passion to enhance the lighting and electrical retail space. Our firsthand experience as electricians not only makes us selective about the products we offer but also experts in installing them. This allows us to provide unmatched installation advice and support.

Lighting, for us, is about transforming spaces into warm, inviting environments—be it a cozy corner at home or a vibrant commercial area. We strive to deliver lighting solutions that do more than illuminate; they enrich every space they touch.

From Our Family to Yours: Lighting the Way

Having worked on numerous large-scale projects, from commercial buildings to extensive residential setups, we've gained unique insights and connections in the industry. This experience gives us the ability to source high-quality lighting at competitive prices, ensuring we bring you the best deals possible.

Let’s Illuminate Together

Join us in brightening up every nook of your world, whether it's a serene backyard or a professional venue. We're here to assist you in bringing your lighting visions to life. Together, let’s create beautifully lit spaces.

With warmth and best wishes,

Tina & Sami

90 Degree Lighting

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