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STB06 3W Low Voltage Retaining Wall Step Lights LED Hardscape Paver Lighting

STB06 3W Low Voltage Retaining Wall Step Lights LED Hardscape Paver Lighting

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STB06 Low Voltage Hardscape Paver Edge Light with mounting plate bracket will definitely light up and adorn your decks, retaining walls, patios, footbridge or any other exterior space. This high-quality cast aluminum light bar fixture made with a powder-coated stainless steel bracket is IP65 waterproof to resist corrosion and water damage, a rotating head for focusing, and solid construction for durability and a lifetime of beauty. It is available with an adjustable light bar or fixed light bar.

It is integrated with a 3W AC/DC LED 12V bulb with 3000K temperature warm white light to create a cozy ambiance, helping achieve an excellent illumination effect for you. Its size is 13" (L) x 3" (H) x .75" (W) and is ETL listed.

All of our products are backed by our manufacturer's money-back guarantee, ensuring you receive a quality product free from defects. We Provide the best quality products and services. Feel free to contact us for any help or advice with this product!


Low voltage fixtures need a 12V transformer to switch conventional 120V to 12V. With various wattages available, a single transformer can support all your home's low voltage lights.

Every product we carry is backed by industry certification or listings (UL/ETL), ensuring top-notch quality and safety standards.

¹ based on 12 hours of daily use at average US energy rates of $0.1545/kwH

  About The Manufacturer

Abba Lighting stands as a premier destination for those seeking innovative low voltage lighting solutions. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, they specialize in low voltage outdoor landscape lighting fixtures and accessories, meticulously designed to enhance any outdoor space. They rigorously test and refine their offerings, ensuring that each item not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Abba Lighting combines superior product quality with competitive pricing, making them the go-to retailer for customers who demand the best in 12V landscape lighting.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love the lights

I bought these lights to go under a the cap of a sitting wall on a patio I was building. They seem to be very well made and the color matched very nicely. They put out a nice warm light and if spaced properly add an even light on the patio and the wall. I would recommend these lights.

Nice looking good quality

Great product and works as advertised if you are building a new patio wall or steps you can not go wrong with these lights.


Great deal on high quality light2700k is the best color temp to match incandescant lights with a nice warm glow. I have these installed on my seat wall over my patio and they look fantastic.

ira gold
Very knowledgeable and helpful

Quick response. Excellent product quality and value. Will highly recommend.Reply: Thank you very much! We appreciate your business!

Manufacturer's Testimonials

  • I have used several ABBA products from transformers to pool lights and I am beyond happy with them. Besides their wonderful products, they have one of the best customer supports in the industry and through troubleshooting, my issue was easily resolved. I highly recommend them to everyone.

    Ben H.

  • I'm inspired to leave the first testimonial I've have ever left in my life. I did a ton of research and still I went through four different light manufacturers before I found ABBA Lighting. I couldn't be happier with the results. Keep up the quality of your products and your timely customer service!

    Lisa N.

  • When buying this light, I was expecting a small light. This is by far, much larger than you get at a store. As far as brightness, wow, it is bright. A foot and a half from the flag pole. it will light a flag 30 feet up. As you can see in the picture the massive size of these lights. It has the design to last.

    Bob D.